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PeekSportStrategies operates in fullalignmentwith Pozitive Results Sport Strategies offering a similar suite of international consulting services focused on planning, performance and leadership in sport and recreation.

A detailed overview of joint PeekSportStrategies and Pozitive Results Sport Strategies service offerings can be found on thePozitive Results Sport Strategies linked site.

PRSS Services


Peek Experience

PeekImage staff are fully integrated within solutions offered through PeekSportStrategies and Pozitive Results Sport Strategies, ensuring consistency of PeekImage corporate offerings, and the ability to utilize the collective and collaborative knowledge of all PeekImage staff.

Working with a network of world leading professional associates, PeekSportStrategies provides solutions that allow the sport community at all levels to operate with efficiency and professionalism. PeekSportStrategies believes that through quality project process, defining practical and realistic goals, and applying sound business practices, we can ensure that the recreational, developmental and high performance sport communities world-wide cansucceedin increasing capacity, growth, quality and overall ROI.

PeekSportStrategies is available through all of it’s corporate locations, including the United States, Canada and Australia, with the ability to apply our products and services globally.

Contact us at PeekSportStrategies for further information on products and services.

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